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My first ever reaction pod! The 2023.2 primary exam was unexpected in many ways and I think is the biggest hint so far that the primary exam is changing! I share my big takeaways and don’t worry because I have some tips on how you can succeed with future sittings. I quickly recap the 15 saqs (01:26) and the discuss my first takeaway (05:21) which is that saqs are now more about understanding and clinical application rather than facts. I give my tips on what this means on how you should approach study and then discuss my second takeaway (18:01). Then I have two more takeaways (24:18) and (28:12) which you will have to listen to find out! I hope you enjoy this pod and remember this is my opioin, it doesn’t represent the view of ANZCA or anyone else!

We are back with the official launch of Season 2!! This is an amazing episode where I am joined by 3 candidates that have just passed the Primary Exam in 2023.1. Nathan, San-Rene and Elliot are so open and honest about the real struggles of sitting the Primary Exam and share their journey from the contemplative phase and study planning to the written exam and then finally the viva's. We explore some real challenges such as how to study for the exam while maintaining a normal family life and what it's like to bounce back and re-sit the exam. Confidence is a big theme in today’s episode for success. At the end of the day this is just an exam, it’s not bigger than life and that perspective should not be forgotten. I will be back in two weeks with our first ‘mini-pod’ covering 'Cardiac Action Potentials'. Thanks for listening! As always if you have any feedback let me know!

Today we have a special podcast with ‘Written Exam Tips.’ I have broken up my experience of sitting the primary exam into 4 sections heading into the last 2 weeks before the written exam. Firstly, I explain how to plan and set a study schedule for the last two weeks (01:35). Then I explain what I did the night before the exam and how to get yourself ready for the big day (10:16). Then we look at what to expect on the day of the exam itself and all the little details so you don’t get stressed out (13:07). Finally, I explain what it’s like after the exam and how to get some kind of normal back in your life (18:48). What I share today is just my experience, please understand that it won’t be suited for every individual, but I hope to give you an insight into these last 2 weeks. Thanks for listening and good luck to all the candidates! As always if you have any feedback let me know!

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