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Today we have a special podcast with ‘Written Exam Tips.’ I have broken up my experience of sitting the primary exam into 4 sections heading into the last 2 weeks before the written exam. Firstly, I explain how to plan and set a study schedule for the last two weeks (01:35). Then I explain what I did the night before the exam and how to get yourself ready for the big day (10:16). Then we look at what to expect on the day of the exam itself and all the little details so you don’t get stressed out (13:07). Finally, I explain what it’s like after the exam and how to get some kind of normal back in your life (18:48). What I share today is just my experience, please understand that it won’t be suited for every individual, but I hope to give you an insight into these last 2 weeks. Thanks for listening and good luck to all the candidates! As always if you have any feedback let me know!

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