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Must Have's $

What you should buy and have as a hard copy to make your Part 1 studying easier!

(Links to purchase included) 

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This is the FIRST step you take to passing your Part 1. Don't be overwhelmed when you first open MAK95 if can seem like a lot. Start in the TOP LEFT corner and punch in your primary written date. Then go to the RIGHT SIDE column and click study plan. Here you will find each section of the curriculum with time frames allocated (these can be adjusted). Use this to guide your study and STICK to IT. Then return home (TOP LEFT corner button) and click on learning objectives (go through one by one). From there you will get the hang.


Best money ever spent!

Cost = $138 AU

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Nunn's might be the bible but you're not going to get far without West's. Sure you can get a online version, but the paperback is worth it. Don't be deceived, every word is a potential VIVA topic. Every examiner will have their favourite section from control of ventilation to closing capacity. By the time you get to the written you would have read it 2-3 times. You can also find the video playlist of John West going through the whole book on Youtube

Cost = $60 AU

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For physiology this is a must have, there is literally LO's that are word for word in this book from the curriculum. It is a perfect supplementation with West's for respiratory and Pappano's for cardiovascular (which I don't think you need to buy). If you are someone you likes to make notes rather then study SAQ based use this! Don't forget the last few chapters of the book:  altered physiology in PREGNANCY/ELDERLY/NEONATES (finding information on these topics is harder then you think). 

It's safe to say I wouldn't have passed without Power and Kam.

Cost = $130 AU

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Guarantee this is one book you see anyone who is sitting the Part 1 carry at all times. At first you will think there is not enough information for each drug, and you're right. That is not the intent of the book, you have to supplement the pharmacopeia with other resources. Don't expect to find description of complex kinetics of heparin metabolism here (which they love asking in the Viva). But when you get closer to your sitting date what you find is that this book has just the right amount of width and depth that you can cram in your 10min SAQ. 

Dr Petkov's work is truly amazing!

Cost = $60 + $15 for express post AU

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Another pocket handbook with bang for buck! If you are just after the Pharmaceutics/Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacokinetics for a drug look no further. Combined with Petkov and drugbank you can reliably find the information to make your flash cards. I found buying a copy vs online version made it much easier to flick through multiple drugs at time. Especially useful when you are covering Miscellaneous Pharm on MAK95 (Advice; much longer section than MAK95 recommendation).

Cost = $80 AU

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Having had a viva from Dr Brandis himself and failing miserably, the first chapter of this book is a must read and will be more then enough information needed to cover majority of LO's for fluid and electrolytes. There are all some hidden gems I found particularly useful which do come up frequently in viva's (i.e. the cardiac output vs heart rate relationship). I have to be honest I never read this book cover to cover, but that doesn't mean its not useful. Personally, what I would do is take this book into work as I got closer to my viva, give it to the consultant or nurse or medical student you were in theatre with and ask them to open up any chapter and start asking you questions. It requires no extra effort on their part because Q's and A's are provided and I never once had anyone say they weren't happy to do this. 

Cost = $90 AU

Now I have to put a disclaimer, these are simply my recommendations of what I would purchase. There are many other books available through the ANZCA Recommended Reading List but what I found to be the major issue  when I studied was knowing where to start! That's why I have kept it simple and recommended these 6 purchases because it's what you need to get in the groove of studying.

Everyone will have their own unique way to study and certain texts will read easier to some than others. That's why I can't recommend between Katzung or Hemming & Egan for pharmacology (also they cost a lot!!)

I never used much of Chambers for physiology but it's layout is easy to understand and it's a very easy read. I am biased towards Kam because the LO's are literally title headings in the book. I have to be honest Miller's scared me, each chapter goes for ages and while it might be the 'Anaesthetic Holy Grail'  I am certainly never buying a copy.

When is comes to Physics and Measurement, another contentious topic, I skimmed Magee and Tooley, certainly not enough to purchase. While one my consultants swears by Cross and Plunkett. Regardless, the point is FRCA resources here are much better, and this is reflective of their Part 1 curriculum. What I can say is don't underestimate the Related Concepts in MAK95 for measurement, they are GOLD! Frank (MAK95 creator) if you read this you are every candidates saviour!!

Feedback always welcome, if you think anything else needs to be added to the Must Have's $ list please let me know!

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